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Friday, September 5, 2014


I haven't been out shopping until the past few days.  That probably is a good thing, but there are some summer sales that have really great items left!

These are two stunning swimsuits at Kay's Beach Boutique.  The orange one also comes in turquoise and black.

The second one shown in black also comes in two toned blue.  It is a Vince Camuto.

 Next are some fun items for the home:  From A Thousand Baskets, some wonderful indigo pillows:

A great cloche and fish bowls.  I bought a set of 8 of the white fish bowls!

A close up of the fish pattern.  I want the wicker cheese set, too!

Next are two antique items that I love.  The first is a Tibetan hand painted silk picture.

Also from the same shop a set of sail boat "on the rocks" glasses.

And last is one of two tee shirts, this one is from  East Oaks Mall:

The other one is at the Emporium!  

These are highlights of some of the things that I would buy here....and probably will!

Happy Autumn!