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Monday, December 12, 2011

Woodland Christmas

Happy  Holidays!

I was only going to blog from June-August, but I couldn't resist talking about Christmas!

I held a woodland themed party several years ago for Christmas.  Unfortunately, there was a blizzard and no one could attend.  All of the wonderful food wasted!

I had a Buche de Noel, which had meringue mushrooms, that I made.  I also made "Buckeye Balls" or peanut butter faux Horse Chestnuts.

The Cherry Tassies were more for color!

I made meringue mint Christmas trees and spritz icicles.

The acorn cookies were a brown sugar shortbread with chopped peanut tops!

 My family always asks for the cocoanut jewels ( I guess they could represent snow balls!)....a favorite.

My deer nearly filled the whole table!

 There were homemade chocolate truffles in the glitter pine cone box. The tablecloth was sheet moss.  I also molded chocolate almond "nuts!"


Yesterday, I held a similar party, (on a much smaller scale) at our new lake home.  I didn't have as many sweets (or sweeties as my granddaughter calls them!)

 I kicked off the woodland theme with "pine cone" cheese balls.

 Of course, I used my stag dessert plates.

 There were two kinds of crostini.  One with an artichoke spread and the other with my homemade Tapenade.

 I used my "Merry Christmas" platter.

Of course, the buckeye balls were back, as were the acorn cookies.  I added gingerbread pine cones this year that I molded in my new pine cone shaped molds.  I have an antique pine cone chocolate mold, but it was on display only!

The decor is simple this year.  My baker's rack sported bird's nests.

 The guest bath has a wonderful bird's nest wreath that I bought years ago at Durr Ltd. in Minneapolis.

 My dining table has a green wreath with glitter pine cones and a twig hurricane in green glass (that I purchased at the tulip festival in Orange City, this spring.)

 I entertained a week earlier and I used pine cone napkins and winter greens in this wonderful silver and horn vase.

Outside, I filled a French urn with mixed greens, magnolia leaves, coppery glitter pine cones, huge sugar pin cones, brown, berry picks and a coppery glitter star.

The front door has a wreath of mixed greens, and antlers.  Antique skis and skates stand ready to play.

The foyer has a simple boxwood wreath with green ribbon for a subtle effect.

The horn "wreath holder" has been used to display the family Bible, wreaths and photos.

 I used a faux "Burberry" ribbon on the railing.  There are also mercury glass votive holders hanging from the greens.  Brown Velvet and glitter maple leaves are tucked into the greens.

The fireplace also has a nature theme, with a large tortoiseshell on one side and my father's antique brass candlesticks holding pine cone candles on the other side.

My wreath over the mantle had gold pheasant feathers on it.

I used mercury glass balls from Pottery Barn on the cocktail table.

The Christmas tree also has gold pheasant feathers.

As well as blown glass pine cones, nuts and leaves.

Well that is all for Christmas 2011.  I'll be sure to invite you in next year!

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  1. I'll nominate you as 'holiday hostess with the most original and beautiful treats and decor' for 2011! You are definitely talented both in the design of your food and home - keep enjoying the Christmas season - take time to rest and relax a bit!